ANOINTED Elemental Oils

ANOINTED Elemental Oils

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Small-batch fragrances inspired by the elements. 100% plant-based formulations for ceremonial, ritual or personal use. Made from essential oils & plant extracts, free of synthetics, parabens and other ickies. Ungendered, because anyone can stink pretty.

Available individually in 10ml glass roller bottles, 3ml trial size in glass vials*, or in the Elemental trial set — a 3ml trial sized vial of each oil blend in glass vials* (4 vials/12 ml total).

*Glass vials include orifice reducers, not dabbers as shown in photo.

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gemini | libra | aquarius

embrace vision. honeyed jasmine & penetrating palo santo slink in on the breeze, brushing the cheeks of resinous elemi and sweet yarrow as they trade secrets.

ingredients: sunflower oil, jasmine, palo santo, elemi, yarrow, fractionated coconut oil.


aries | leo | sagittarius

embrace passion. juicy tangerine & bergamot dance to the sultry music of turmeric, ginger and patchouli while fossilized amber & damask rose hum to the beat.

ingredients: sunflower oil, tangerine, turmeric, ginger, patchouli, bergamot, fossilized amber, rose (damascena).


cancer | scorpio | pisces

embrace intuition. crisp juniper berry and green-floral geranium collect in puddles with herbaceous mugwort, trailing kisses against oakmoss.

ingredients: sunflower oil, juniper berry, geranium, mugwort, oakmoss (irpa compliant).


taurus | virgo | capricorn

embrace grounding. evergreen balsam fir, cedarwood, scotch pine and rosemary are toasted and sunsoaked by warm, resinous frankincense.

ingredients: sunflower oil, frankincense, atlas cedarwood, scotch pine, rosemary, balsam fir.