Sweet/Nothing Oracle is live on Kickstarter!

And the truth is, I'm feeling nervous. 

It was New Years' Day when I had the idea to make my own oracle deck. I didn't know at the time what it would be or if I would share it with other people, but I knew I wanted to challenge myself to create something of my own. 

I'd spent the previous three years running a small gift shop and central hub for the tour business I co-own. I managed the store, established relationships with the talented artists who made the goods we consigned, planned art installations... They were three challenging, often demoralizing, but ultimately rewarding years of growth for me.

I learned a lot about myself through the process, but the most important thing was something I rediscovered: I'm an artist. 

I'm a writer. I'm an artist. The declarations that sound really simple, but accepting them as truth is a bit more complicated. I've always been these things, but as an adult I avoided sharing those pieces of myself with others. 

Until now. 

When I decided to develop this oracle, I pushed myself to be honest. The poems the cards are drawn from are deeply important to me, and I've labored to make this collection resonate with each person who holds it in their hands. I wanted each card to feel like a sweet nothing from the universe. 

But putting this out there makes me anxious. These little pieces of myself are vulnerable. This project is the culmination of years of writing and months of planning & reworking. I'm delighted and just the slightest bit scared to share it. Asking for help to make it happen? Yeeesh. That's terrifying. 

But I'm going to do it anyway. Because I believe in this thing, and I've seen it make an impact on others when they've used it. And as my good friend and collaborator, Christina Miglino, and I mused recently: Seeing others do what they love makes it easier to do what we love. 

So okay, friends. Here we go.

The Kickstarter campaign is live. My goal is to raise $9,000 in 30 days. Meeting or exceeding this goal will allow me to self-publish the first edition of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle: 500 decks, guidebooks, and muslin bags. Eee!

I'm ready to make this happen. I hope you're ready to be part of it with me. I surely can't do it without you. 

Thank you for your support. I am grateful for your help in making this thing a reality. Please do share if you feel compelled to do so: Every single pledge counts.