The Gate is Not Golden: The Art of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle with Christina Miglino

By Christina Miglino

When I first heard my dear friend, Sara, talking about her idea for a word-focused oracle deck, I was so excited. I am such a word person. I can be injured by them, moved by them and completely inspired by them. I am a highly sensitive person, for one. And this means something so simple and beautiful can have great meaning for me.


One Word.

There is power in that. So many tangential stories forming like spider's weaving in my mind's eye as I began reading these single words that Sara had highlighted in her poetry. 


Golden Gate.

I lived in San Francisco for 6.5 years. My adult forming years, really, 21-27.

I remember first hearing about the bridge when I was a child. Seeing those iconic images of it, the bright orange beams often reaching out of a fog.

The Golden Gate is not Golden. It's Orange. Because this is the color that the architect felt would move naturally with the surrounding environment. There is an anti-rust agent in it in order to protect it from so much fog. 

Our stories are us and we have the power to change them however we like.
— Christina Miglino

Stories/Words have the power to create illusion, or manifestation, abundance or scarcity, death or life. When Sara asked me to make this painting for the back of her Oracle Deck I was up for the challenge.

There are endless stories I could share about what this image means to me. Instead I will say this: "It took four years to make the Golden Gate," and it took me four tries to make this minimalist painting of a constellation representing it. A tiny depiction of an enormous man-made miracle built in JUST four years.

Four years is no time and all time.

It is a matter of perspective. Our stories are us and we have the power to change them however we like. Love this oracle deck. Let it move you. It will serve you well.

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About Christina Miglino

Christina is a visual artist and certified Hypnotherapist in the Depth Hypnosis Model based in Mount Vernon, Washington. 

From paintings & handpoke tattoos to Shamanic journeys & depth hypnosis counseling, Christina's powerful presence can be felt in everything she does.

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