Relaunch alert: Let's do this thing.

Welp. My first Kickstarter project didn't work out quite as I had hoped, but boy howdy, I learned an incredible amount from the first go!

I've taken everything I learned from the process and relaunched the deck on Kickstarter. I've streamlined the scope of this project--including a smaller initial print run and streamlined guidebook-- without sacrificing quality. This deck is ready to happen, and I'm ready to make it. My tenacity knows no bounds.


Plus I was able to add super cool new perks this time around, such as this enamel pin of my yarrow design, done up right by Downtown Demons. How pretty is that? 

Kickstarter provides creators and people who appreciate their work the opportunity to bring projects to life together.

Kickstarter backers will get the Sweet/Nothing Oracle deck at a more competitive price prior to its retail launch since they're helping fund the initial print run. Backers will also be eligible for stretch-goal additions if the project exceeds its funding goal. It's pretty neat, and I'm excited to make this deck a reality once and for all. I hope you'll be part of making that happen