Built on Story: The Origins of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle

Contrails and sunset, Joshua Tree, California. Sweet/Nothing Oracle 2017.  

I don't recall how it occurred to me. I think I was pondering how we read so much into words. Stories are their written selves, but they are also the sum of their many interpretations.

When you read a story you see it through your own eyes, colored by your own experiences. Characters might remind you of yourself or someone you know, or a situation might make you think of something from your own past. Once a story is read it's no longer just what the author intended, but also what a reader interprets.

Ten readers could have ten different experiences. Hell, a thousand readers could have that many experiences. Stories are brilliantly distorted by the lenses of those who read them. 

The same goes for any text. Books, movies, television shows, poetry... And divination tools like tarot and oracle decks. 

The resulting idea was simple, really: A written oracle. No images on the card faces, just words. Words that might appear basic in other circumstances, but get much more impactful when they are the answer to a question. 

Abandoned cabins, Joshua Tree, California. Sweet/Nothing Oracle 2017.  

So I started at the beginning, reviewing what I've already written. I dug through volumes of journals and scrap pieces of paper, countless notes written in the early hours of the morning on my iPhone. Then I wrote more. I wrote on the couch, on the plane, in a cabin in the desert, in the town where I grew up, next to a river in the mountains.

Pretty soon I had dozens of short poems. Fragments of my heart. Raw little pieces of myself that I'd written because I couldn't help but write. But I didn't have plans for anyone to see them. Until now. 

This is the beginning of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle.

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