We did it!


We did it, friends! It turns out second time’s the charm.

Those who pledged to support the Kickstarter campaign ensured that a brand new thing can be brought to life. That’s pretty special. 



Didn't get a chance to support the Kickstarter? You can now pre-order the Sweet/Nothing Oracle (expected to ship by the end of February 2018, once Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled). 

Thanks again, everyone. My heart is full and I’m ready to get going.

In gratitude,


Relaunch alert: Let's do this thing.

Welp. My first Kickstarter project didn't work out quite as I had hoped, but boy howdy, I learned an incredible amount from the first go!

I've taken everything I learned from the process and relaunched the deck on Kickstarter. I've streamlined the scope of this project--including a smaller initial print run and streamlined guidebook-- without sacrificing quality. This deck is ready to happen, and I'm ready to make it. My tenacity knows no bounds.


Plus I was able to add super cool new perks this time around, such as this enamel pin of my yarrow design, done up right by Downtown Demons. How pretty is that? 

Kickstarter provides creators and people who appreciate their work the opportunity to bring projects to life together.

Kickstarter backers will get the Sweet/Nothing Oracle deck at a more competitive price prior to its retail launch since they're helping fund the initial print run. Backers will also be eligible for stretch-goal additions if the project exceeds its funding goal. It's pretty neat, and I'm excited to make this deck a reality once and for all. I hope you'll be part of making that happen

Sweet/Nothing Oracle is live on Kickstarter!

And the truth is, I'm feeling nervous. 

It was New Years' Day when I had the idea to make my own oracle deck. I didn't know at the time what it would be or if I would share it with other people, but I knew I wanted to challenge myself to create something of my own. 

I'd spent the previous three years running a small gift shop and central hub for the tour business I co-own. I managed the store, established relationships with the talented artists who made the goods we consigned, planned art installations... They were three challenging, often demoralizing, but ultimately rewarding years of growth for me.

I learned a lot about myself through the process, but the most important thing was something I rediscovered: I'm an artist. 

I'm a writer. I'm an artist. The declarations that sound really simple, but accepting them as truth is a bit more complicated. I've always been these things, but as an adult I avoided sharing those pieces of myself with others. 

Until now. 

When I decided to develop this oracle, I pushed myself to be honest. The poems the cards are drawn from are deeply important to me, and I've labored to make this collection resonate with each person who holds it in their hands. I wanted each card to feel like a sweet nothing from the universe. 

But putting this out there makes me anxious. These little pieces of myself are vulnerable. This project is the culmination of years of writing and months of planning & reworking. I'm delighted and just the slightest bit scared to share it. Asking for help to make it happen? Yeeesh. That's terrifying. 

But I'm going to do it anyway. Because I believe in this thing, and I've seen it make an impact on others when they've used it. And as my good friend and collaborator, Christina Miglino, and I mused recently: Seeing others do what they love makes it easier to do what we love. 

So okay, friends. Here we go.

The Kickstarter campaign is live. My goal is to raise $9,000 in 30 days. Meeting or exceeding this goal will allow me to self-publish the first edition of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle: 500 decks, guidebooks, and muslin bags. Eee!

I'm ready to make this happen. I hope you're ready to be part of it with me. I surely can't do it without you. 

Thank you for your support. I am grateful for your help in making this thing a reality. Please do share if you feel compelled to do so: Every single pledge counts. 

Bellingham Writer and Multimedia Artist Debuts Word-Based Oracle Deck

For Immediate Release    

Contact: Sara Holodnick, actual@saragalactica.com

Bellingham Writer and Multimedia Artist Debuts Word-Based Oracle Deck

BELLINGHAM, WA - Bellingham-based writer and multimedia artist, Sara Holodnick, will debut her Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck on October 17 through the crowd-sourcing platform, Kickstarter.    

The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck is the first of its kind. Unlike standard illustrated tarot or oracle cards, the deck features a minimalist design with one word per card, all selected from original poetry written by Holodnick.

“As a writer, I’m a word person. I’ve always found great meaning and inspiration in words,” said Holodnick. “They paint a picture in my head instead of seeing one someone else has painted for me. I wanted to try my hand at making a deck that took advantage of all the beauty and meaning a single word can provide in the context of a reading.”

The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck features 77 cards with an accompanying 128-page guidebook. Within the guidebook, readers will discover 33 original poems with bolded words to denote the oracle cards in the context of their written whole. The guidebook also provides best practices and a journal for reading reflection.  

Designed for those who love words and are inspired by their meaning, the deck is for people seeking opportunities for self-care, healing, divination, creative inspiration and reflection.

Pre-orders of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck will be available for $50 through Kickstarter beginning on October 17, with a limited number of early bird orders available for $45. Decks are slated to ship in February 2018.

The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Deck features several local collaborations, including printing of the deck and guidebook through LithtexNW and an original Golden Gate constellation painting by Skagit artist Christina Miglino on the back of the cards. Original music and video production for the Kickstarter project were also provided by Bellingham-based singer-songwriter Sarah Goodin and Campfire Photography.

Sara Holodnick (aka Sara Galactica) is a Bellingham writer and artist best known for her work as co-founder of Good Time Girls Tours. Holodnick utilizes inventive and unexpected mediums such as original cocktails, walking tours and divination decks to tell and examine stories.

For more information, visit www.sweetnothingoracle.com or www.saragalactica.com.

# # #



The earth gave way in a tremble.

The Sweet/Nothing poetry collection that forms the foundation of the deck opens with a story from my childhood. Many of the poems have deep personal meaning even if they aren't heavily autobiographical, but this segment is lifted directly from my life:

There was a sound before it happened: A low rumble building from deep within, traveling from the heart of the jolt. I remember my confused fear as my mom scooped us up, seeking refuge under the table as the world crashed around us.

The power was out for days. The first night I struggled to fall asleep as aftershocks rolled beneath me. There in the dark I remember thinking the earth would never stop shaking, but eventually we both slept.

My pulse slowed to meet the thrum of the ground below me. I’ll never understand how her heartbeat plods while the globe turns so fast.


Shaking began on October 17th, 1989 at 5:04PM PST. And now-- 28 years later-- I'll launch a project built from that memory.


The Sweet/Nothing Oracle Kickstarter project will go live at 12:30AM (yep, just after midnight) on Tuesday, October 17th. 




Cool! But, uh... What's Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. A home for film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more, it's a website that allows people who have created something to ask others to support making their dream a reality. 

Your pledge will allow me print the first edition of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle: A 500 set run of decks, guidebooks and keepsake bags. Money raised will go to printing, design and fulfillment costs. 

Sets not spoken for to fulfill Kickstarter pledges will be sold online and wholesaled & self-distributed to shops. 

Reaching my goal will mean I'll be able to bring this first-of-its kind oracle to others for self-reflection, divination, creativity and healing. It's a big task, but I know I can do it with your support. 

Kickstarter projects are all-or-nothing, which means I have to meet or exceed my $9,000 goal within 30 days if this deck is going to become a reality. 


Sweet/Nothing Oracle Kickstarter Video. Photos & Stills by Campfire Photography | Music by Sarah Goodin

The Early Bird Gets a Discount!

The Sweet Nothing Oracle sets-- each including the 77-card deck, a guidebook, and a muslin pouch-- will retail at $50, which is a pretty nice value for an indie deck printed in the Pacific Northwest!

But the first 50 people to back my project at the Early Bird level will get the Sweet/Nothing Oracle set for $45 with free shipping when orders fulfill in February. Because I like ya. 

Want to be an Early Bird?
Sign-up for my email list to get notified as soon as the Kickstarter goes up. I'll send you an email once the project goes live early Tuesday morning. All you have to do to support the project is:

  1. Open the email
  2. Click the link
  3. Pledge your support

Bonus: Your credit card won't be charged until the project concludes in November. 

It's all or nothing.

Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding, which means I have to meet or exceed my $9,000 goal in order to proceed with printing my decks.  If you think you have a friend who would like this deck, please feel free to share the project with them when it goes live. 


The opportunity to bring this thing to life means a lot to me, and I know I can't do it without your help.

Thank you thank you thank you. 

Built on Story: The Origins of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle

Contrails and sunset, Joshua Tree, California. Sweet/Nothing Oracle 2017.  

I don't recall how it occurred to me. I think I was pondering how we read so much into words. Stories are their written selves, but they are also the sum of their many interpretations.

When you read a story you see it through your own eyes, colored by your own experiences. Characters might remind you of yourself or someone you know, or a situation might make you think of something from your own past. Once a story is read it's no longer just what the author intended, but also what a reader interprets.

Ten readers could have ten different experiences. Hell, a thousand readers could have that many experiences. Stories are brilliantly distorted by the lenses of those who read them. 

The same goes for any text. Books, movies, television shows, poetry... And divination tools like tarot and oracle decks. 

The resulting idea was simple, really: A written oracle. No images on the card faces, just words. Words that might appear basic in other circumstances, but get much more impactful when they are the answer to a question. 

Abandoned cabins, Joshua Tree, California. Sweet/Nothing Oracle 2017.  

So I started at the beginning, reviewing what I've already written. I dug through volumes of journals and scrap pieces of paper, countless notes written in the early hours of the morning on my iPhone. Then I wrote more. I wrote on the couch, on the plane, in a cabin in the desert, in the town where I grew up, next to a river in the mountains.

Pretty soon I had dozens of short poems. Fragments of my heart. Raw little pieces of myself that I'd written because I couldn't help but write. But I didn't have plans for anyone to see them. Until now. 

This is the beginning of the Sweet/Nothing Oracle.

Stay tuned to follow my progress, learn about my process, or get updates on how to get your hands on the Sweet/Nothing Oracle when it's available. You can follow along here or sign-up for the newsletter for updates: